Root Canal Therapy

What to Expect?

  1. It is not uncommon for a tooth to be uncomfortable or even exhibit a dull ache immediately after receiving root-canal therapy. This should subside within one week.
  2. Your tooth will be sensitive to biting pressure and may even appear to feel loose. This feeling is a result of the sensitivity of nerve-endings in the tissue just outside the end of the root, where we cleaned, irrigated, and placed filler and sealer material. This feeling will be short-lived.
  3. Occasionally, a small “bubble” or “pimple” will appear on the gum tissue within a few days after completion of a root canal. This represents the release of pressure and bacteria, which no longer can be sustained around the tooth. This should disappear within a few days.

What to Do?

  1. We recommend you take something for pain-relief within one-hour of leaving our office, to get the medication into your blood stream before the anesthesia we administered begins to subside. Generally, only one dose is needed. We recommend ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) - 800 mg (four tablets of 200 mg. each). If you have a medical condition or gastrointestinal disorder, which precluded ibuprofen, acetaminophen (Tylenol, Excedrin) is a substitute, although it does not contain anti-inflammatory properties. Aspirin and aspiring-containing products are NOT advisable, as they tend to increase bleeding from the area that was treated.
  2. Whenever possible, try to chew on the opposite side from the tooth we have just treated, until you have a crown or onlay placed, or until the access area is restored. Until that time, your tooth still is weakened and could fracture.
  3. If you are our existing Patient of record and you have any other questions or concerns for procedures you got done at our Office, you are welcome to call us at (813) 879-9000.

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