How Much Do All-On-4 Dental Implants Cost?

Patients who are dealing with many missing or unhealthy teeth can have their smile restored with All-on-4 dental implants, also known as teeth-in-a-day, instead of getting or continuing to use dentures.

This procedure utilizes fewer implants—usually a total of four to six in each arch—and reduces the amount of bone graft necessary. It may even eliminate the need for bone grafting surgery. Implants that are anchored with a full-arch prosthesis are permanently inserted into the jawbone to achieve a full mouth of custom-fit teeth. The bone eventually fuses to the titanium implants to create secure, long-lasting results.

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What Does the Procedure Entail?

Patients will first schedule a free consultation with Dr. Kalra to discuss their medical and dental history as well as any concerns or problems they may have. Then, a CT scan (for a fee) is completed to evaluate the teeth, gums, and bone structure to make a recommendation on the best way to address their dental concerns.

A lot of time is devoted to the analysis of the CT Scan. It is done to evaluate for the best implant size to use (in terms of length and diameter) based on bone anatomy, as well as the best position and angle in which to place it while keeping it a safe distance from larger nerves. Sometimes, a special appliance called a surgical guide will be designed and fabricated in-house to help place the implants at the right angle and position for your jaw.

Most of the pre-surgery work is completed in-house, and then the correctly sized implants are ordered for them within 24 hours.

Each patient’s preferred method of sedation is administered, unsalvageable teeth are removed, and other necessary procedures are completed. FDA-approved titanium implants (made in the USA) are then inserted into the jaw to serve as an anchor for the arch. Any incisions are closed using dissolvable sutures, and the patient is removed from sedation.

Impressions are made of the implants to create a temporary full-arch prosthesis. Generally, a temporary prosthesis is placed within 24 hours. They are used while the implants heal, which can take from four to six months, depending on the condition of your bones and other medical conditions. The bone around the implants, while osseo-integrating, should not be disturbed with heavy chewing pressures. It is critical to stay committed to a liquid diet that gradually turns to soft food over the first four months. This can make all the difference between success and failure of the whole “All-on-four” implant system.

Usually, a permanent prosthesis is created after the bone has healed completely around the implants. Patients get to modify the look of their permanent prosthesis based on their likes and dislikes of their temporary prosthesis, as well as the size, color, and positioning of their teeth, to restore their original smile from even 20 years ago. They are encouraged to bring old photos of them smiling, which can be 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years ago (graduation or wedding photos of them smiling will also work), so we can consult with our lab and replicate their smile.

How Much Does It Cost?

The biggest question is: How much do All-on-4 implants cost? The average price for All-on-4 dental implants will include different lab, dental, and other associated fees, so each procedure will vary in cost. The total price involves dental implants, placement, immediate delivery of teeth, and permanent prosthesis placed four to six months later. This means that the total cost can run between $15,000 to $30,000 per arch, depending on the required treatments. No two patients are alike and every case is different.

Contact our office for a no-obligation, totally free, All-on-4 consultation to find the most economical way to restore your smile! If you have any old x-rays or other dental records, please feel free to bring them with you to your free consultation. It helps us formulate the best treatment for you. Our office is located in Florida and can be reached at (813) 879-9000, or you can fill out our online contact form here.

Dental Fees

There is a surgical portion (implant placement, simulating artificial roots of teeth) and a restoration portion (prosthesis placement, the actual teeth) of the process. Completing the entire procedure at one location can cut down on additional costs involved with using two different dental sites. 

Anesthesia Fees

Pricing will depend on a person’s preferences and goals. Surprisingly, with the techniques we use, the majority of our patients can handle the surgery with just local anesthesia (Novocaine) and no additional costs. Some patients prefer (or are more suited to) other methods, such as oral sedation (we call it the magic pill) or intravenous sedation, to ensure their comfort.

Additional Procedure Fees

Other procedures may be required before the implants can be placed, including repairing broken caps, controlling failing teeth or bridgework, bone grafting, jaw contouring, sinus lift, or treating an infection. Extractions and bone removal may be necessary and will add to the cost of your procedure.

Tooth Material

Several options for tooth material are available and will be discussed prior to the process. Zirconia, titanium, or a combination of acrylic over a titanium frame may be used. Some patients opt for porcelain or all acrylic or composite implants.

Why Does the Price Fluctuate?

Patients who use multiple offices are going to wind up paying more because every office will charge additional fees. Having your All-on-4 completed in one location will help save on expenses. Some patients may require additional implants to adequately support the new prosthesis. 

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Can Insurance Cover All-on-4?

Most insurance companies will cover part of the All-on-4 dental implant cost. Unfortunately, dental insurance generally has very limited coverage. However, our team is happy to contact each person’s insurance provider for a complimentary benefits check to discuss detailed coverage. This information can be explained before the procedure, to provide coverage details and determine the best payment or financing plan for the patient. As far as a patient’s insurance is concerned, we are on their side and want to help them maximize their insurance benefits and help them reduce their out-of-pocket expenses.

Once the patient has healed and their smile is restored, they can resume eating as usual. Many patients feel a boost in their self-confidence and feel comfortable in public with their rejuvenated smile.

If you are living with missing or damaged teeth or are not happy with your smile, contact our office for a no-obligation, totally free, All-on-4 consultation! Our office is located in Florida and can be reached at 813-879-9000 or you can fill out our online contact form here.

*All-on-4 is a registered trademark of Noble Biocare. We may or may not use their implants.

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