Partial Dentures

Introduction: Flexible Partial Dentures could be recommended for the following reasons

The flexible dental partial is an unbreakable, removable partial that many people find very comfortable. This lightweight option is practically invisible and eliminates the metal clasps that you may associate with partials. Contact Agoka Dental in Tampa, Florida, today to learn more about our dental services.

(a) If patients have only a few teeth remaining in the mouth.
(b) If they have enough teeth but they are not strong enough or compromised bone support, or
(c) If they cannot afford the Fixed Bridge. 

Materials used in Partial Dentures:

Nowadays newer materials have been incorporated by the manufacturers, giving the Dentists the latitude for great variety of materials to choose from. A prudent Dentist would choose a Valplast for one patient, Cucil for another and a combination of Metal and Flexite for someone else. Choosing the right materials can make a difference between a successful outcome and a bad one.

Fabrication of Partial Dentures:

At Agoka Dental, Several appointments are given to complete a case from start to finish. The appointments are used for recording different impressions and Jaw relationships, Try-in of teeth in Wax to make sure that the patients like the color, size and position of teeth before they are processed to a final finish.

ADVANTAGES of Removable Partial Denture (RPD):

  • They are less expensive than a Fixed Bridge.

DISADVANTAGES of Removable Partial Denture (RPD):

  • A RPD usually has to be removed at night and kept in water with some cleaning tablet to dissolve the plaque collection on it.
  • A RPD should be removed from the mouth and cleaned after every meal and at night.
  • A RPD may become loose and come off while talking, sneezing or eating.
  • A RPD may break if stored improperly causing to have missing teeth in the mouth till they are repaired or replaced.

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