Patient Care for Flexible Denture

Flexite dentures, like any dental appliance and natural teeth, require good oral hygiene. In order to keep natural teeth and gums healthy, and to maintain the natural appearance of dentures, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Brush your natural teeth and gums normally as directed by your dentist.
  2. At night before you go to bed, rinse your Flexite appliance thoroughly.
  3. When not wearing your Flexite appliance, it must be kept in water.
  4. The Flexite appliance should be cleaned regularly. If using a concentrated denture cleaner such as Val-Clean TM Denture Cleaner, the appliance can be soaked daily for 15-50 minutes. The appliance can be worn after rinsing thoroughly.
  5. If using a conventional denture cleaner, the partial should be soaked over night in the cleaner atleast three times a week.( We recommend more frequent soaking if you regularly expose the partial to substances that tend to stain your teeth, such as tobacco, tobacco smoke, coffee, or tea.)
  6. The partial should be rinsed after eating if any food particles appear to remain in any areas of the partial.


  1. Avoid the use of bleach (or bleaching agents such as chlorine or paroxide) in cleaning your Flexite denture.
  2. Avoid the use of denture cleaners that contain bleaching agents.
  3. There should be no need to brush your denture. A good denture cleaner will dissolve surface deposits and will rinse clean. Brush will eventually remove the shine from the surface.
  4. If your conventional denture cleaner does not appear to be affective, consider using Val-Clean TM Denture Cleaner. This highly concentrated powder provides exceptional cleaning value and proven results on Flexite appliances and almost every other removable dental appliance.

If you are our existing Patient of record and you have any other questions or concerns for procedures you got done at our Office, you are welcome to call us at (813) 879-9000.

Note : Flexite is a registered Trademark of "The Flexite Company"

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