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Agoka Dental | White Fillings in Tampa

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Tampa, FL 33609
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Dr. Naresh Kalra, D.D.S., P.A.
Dr. Rajiv Kalra, DMD

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White Fillings

Now you can have your decayed teeth cleaned and filled with tooth-colored material so they look like nothing ever happened to your teeth. This is because the newer white filling materials are stronger and come in many shades to match patient's teeth color.



First, all decay is removed from the tooth. If the pulp inside the tooth is very close to the cavity, a liner or base is placed to protect the pulp. Then the edges of the cavity are treated with mild acid to create microscopic rough edges. Then a primer and a bonding agent are applied to the cavity lining. Then the filling material of the closest matching shade is placed into the cavity and hardened with a special LED light.

We, at Agoka Dental, also put a final coat of Sealing material, called Sealant, over the filling, to close microscopic spaces and give a final glaze to the filling. This final step, not only increases the life of the filling, but also results into almost like a brand new tooth, giving you a wonderful smile.

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